How to Prepare for SpellBee Competition?

A virtual walk-through of the preparatory books (with round-by-round explanation) for a better understanding of the layout and content.
Dear contestants, have the book ready before hitting the play button.

Inter school Level Preparation A Virtual walk-through of the Book!

Rounds 1 - 5

How to prepare for Regional/State Level?

Rounds 6 - 9


Rounds 6 - 9

How to prepare for National Level?

Rounds 10 - 12


To understand, use and master the speech sounds of English language. We learnt the 26 letters of the alphabet;
learning 44 symbols shouldn’t be tough either!

Phonetic Chart

An easy guide to understand Phonetics

American V British English
Phonetic 3
Phonetic 4

Coming Soon


The basic building blocks of the language: root words. Mastering Root words through etymology is the best kept secret for an expansive vocabulary!
The secret is unraveled here.

Etymology - 'The story of words'

A brief history of the origin of words in English. Root words as a route to better vocabulary

Etymology - Root Words
Etymology - Biology
Coming Soon

Recommended Books

This is where we lure you into the wondrous world of books. It’s said, a man who does not read lives only once, whereas the one who does lives a thousand lives. People generally wish u a long life… we wish you to live many lifetimes!
The books are reviewed and recommended age-wise. Parents, we do hope you click here the next time you wish to buy a gift to your darlings. Books arelittle portable magic… and children are made readers in the laps of their parents. (borrowing the words of the wise)

Recommended Movies

Most of us like movies, don’t we?
Any learning in the visual form appeals to us and engages us much better. Movies and online videos make for an incredible learning tool. Teachers and Parents, we have cherry-picked some here just for you. We hope they are insightful and they inspire excellence in the littlest and greatest things you do sun-up to sun-down!

Communicative English Spoken & Written

Because, KNOWING the words alone does not suffice. USING is key! On a personal level, KEY to one’s academic and career progress.
On a higher and broader level, KEY to re-engineer the world as we know it!
Darling students… Express yourself powerfully in spoken and written words and change the world for the better… you are the torch-bearers of the future!

Power of Words Speeches that shook the world

Writing Skills
'Anyone can write'!

Actions speak louder than words. But words inspire action. So what are you going to write?

Oral Presentation
Recommendations to Improve you

Effective School Leadership

For the educational leaders who want to propel your institution to succeed and fulfil the mandate to serve the youth and the nation… and exclusively for those who dare to think outside the curriculum box!

Connecting Teaching with Learning
Good to
Great School
What's your leadership style?
(a self assessment questionnaire)
Teachers' Rubric for school-wide
professional development

Useful Resources - Teachers

Wright's Law: A Unique Teacher Imparts Real Life Lessons

Jeffrey Wright uses wacky experiments to teach children about the universe.

I Love Teaching So Much ... I Quit | TawanaWeicker

Teaching took on a whole new meaning for this high school teacher turned biofuel eco-preneur when her students became her teachers.

Every kid needs a champion | Rita Pierson

Rita Pierson, a teacher for 40 years, once heard a colleague say, "They don't pay me to like the kids."

Ellen Surprises Incredible Teacher Mr. Bonner

Mr. Bonner is an inspiring second grade teacher at North Carolina's South Greenville Elementary.

An Amazingly Motivational Teacher

Memphis high school teacher Michael Scruggs' special mantra has been impacting his students' lives for nearly a decade.

Inspiring America: Teacher Shares Personalized Handshake With Every Student

A teacher in North Carolina has found a remarkable way to connect with his elementary school students.

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