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Personal Outcome for the Students:

  • The unparalleled educational and enjoyable method of learning motivated by prizes and recognition of talent, makes students happy learners.
  • A GK Round containing questions from the wondrous world of literature (famous/recommended books and authors) foster a love for books that guide them in their pursuit of a reading adventure.
  • Apart from Certificates and Rewards, the content equip students with essential linguistic skills and verbal reasoning skills for their academic and career success.
  • A strong foundational English aid in acing all verbal ability questions in competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, UPSC, etc.
  • A love for language and skills in expression will also automatically result in authorship of books and scholarly articles.

Generic Outcome for the Students:

  • The number of students who excel and bring pride and fame to School in all Competitions based on English language like essay writing, story writing, etc.
  • The School, especially one that opts for School-wide implementation of SpellBee International, has a significant opportunity in enhancing the verbal aptitude of the entire student population.
  • Teachers’ involvement, long-term planning, sustainability monitoring, periodic evaluation are set in motion. This, however, is directly proportional to the number of students registering as Contestants.
  • The School can function as SpellBee International’s Centre for Excellence and act as a role model school in a specific region.