SLEP Fast Track 2020

It is an intense programme designed to be completed in 40-45 days,
exclusively designed for a privileged few. It is a 100% online,
digital programme in which the student prepares all the 15 rounds in high and full focus (with read-only ebooks,
video coaching and webinars) and completes by writing a Digital Exam from home.
On completion, he/she will be awarded with SLEP Fast Track Course
Completion Certificate, Medals and Gift vouchers.
The access to registration has been limited to the Level 4 winners (Accomplishment category) and commendable performers (Merit, Merit Plus, Achievement categories) only.
(Students in Appreciation category, non L4 contestants and L4 contestants who had written for Grade 9 last year cannot register.)
Yes. It is definitely possible when students have this as their only activity.
It should be easy for our L4 winners and commendable performers as they are familiar with the exam process.
In fact, it should be a cakewalk at the present time, as they have a lot of time at their disposal - without
having to worry about school work, outdoor sports, etc. Additionally,
they will be supported by a 40 day preparation schedule from us.
SLEP Fast Track is not compulsory. It is just a challenging learning programme from the house of SpellBee International
designed only to engage the children productively in the current time.
Though not mandatory it comes highly recommended.
Yes, of course. This is an entirely different programme in which the student prepares and competes
with the next grade’s preparatory books. Level 4 2019-20 Certificates will reach the School as soon as the Schools reopen.
Registration to this programme is in progress. Registration will close in the third week of April 2020. The course content will be sent in two days’
(minimum) or four days’ (maximum) time from the day of individual registrations. All registered students will start their
guided 40-day preparation starting from 13 April and finish by 23 May 2020. The exam is scheduled on 24 May 2020.
The student will receive read only e-preparatory books and their video coaching for the grade they are progressing to.
For e.g. a Grade 4 student will have finished SpellBee programme for Grade 4 and s/he will receive
Grade 5 content - all the 4 levels, containing all the 15 rounds.
The videos on page-to-page coaching for the rounds are of varying duration. These are recorded videos,
and so the student can define his/her time and pace of learning.
The registration link to the live sessions/webinars will be shared well in advance detailing the time,
duration, title, mentor, etc. There will be 10-15 sessions like this which will be organised in a common time
for which the student has to be present.
We shall provide all the registered students with:
1. a step- by-step guidance on how to login and access his course content
2. almost page-to-page coaching of all their rounds
3. a 40-day preparation schedule to complete 15 rounds successfully
We shall also keep them on their focused preparation track via our periodical live sessions
The 15 rounds are the same, but the content/syllabus will not be the same. It will be that of the next year’s.
Precisely. The blue print/question pattern will be the same as the L4 exam the student wrote.
However, the questions will be from the new content the student receives now.
As this is a 100% online, digital programme, the students will not receive hard copy of the preparatory books.
The hardbound book with 1000 words’ phonetics, meanings and other related words will be sent along with the Certificate to the School.
Please understand this book is not for preparation. This picture replete, multicolour edition is a collectible that marks the student’s completion of this Course.
There will be 5 categories and their commensurate rewards just like in the L4 Exam. Refer table below:
Flowers in Chania
The E-books and the videos are made available online only. They cannot (and should not) be downloaded.
You can log in your student portal in our website and register after checking your eligibility (the payment gateway link is right below the L4 results).
This will prompt you to make an online transaction of a one-time payment of INR 4200.
This is our recommended way and mode of payment.
The exam will be online and digital for all the students with 80% closed-ended questions (answering only by clicking on the correct answer).
It will be for 1 hour and 30 minutes. The student will take up this digital exam after practising with a mock exam.
The exam centres will be their respective homes/any place with a computer and good internet connection.
We believe in the trustworthiness of both the enrolled students and their parents.
We do not wish to discredit the integrity of any of our student and his/her responsible parent with this thought.
Also, SLEP Fast Track is more of a Course than a Competiton. Moreover,
the exam is a time-bound exam – only students who prepare well will do well in any time-bound exam.
No, the access to the Course’s content will expire with the completion of the programme.
To prepare/study and participate in webinars a smartphone/TAB will suffice.
For the exam, however, a desktop or a laptop (with a good internet connection) is necessary.
If the student wishes to make himself/herself thorough with the content or wants hardcopies of
the books or wishes to participate under the Competition Model (completing Level by Level and)
the student CAN register with all other contestants again when the School reopens for the next academic year.
The SpellBee International’s books’ content are thoughtfully and expertly crafted, intensive and extensive research-based, internationally relevant and age appropriate.
This compendium of knowledge is guaranteed to make students into young scholars.
The more their number of years of participation (and completing all 4 levels in every grade), the closer they are to gaining encyclopaedic knowledge.